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Update! And the Horse Finally Learned to Sing - just a bit Update

I'd hoped to post a link to this story which I heard years ago.  Oddly enough I can't find one.  If it's not as well known as I had thought, then so much the better - it should be shared - wherever it's from?  If you know the proper version then please drop me a line.  Here it is in essence, as far as I can remember...

Once upon a time, many years ago,  a man was condemned to death.  Whether he committed the crime or was wrongly accused I don't know and it is not important.  For the sake of a better story let's say that he had poached one of the Kings rabbits to feed his starving children.

His case was hopeless but he nonetheless took the only avenue open to him.  He appealed to the King to have the death penalty lifted.  This was so unusual that the King (perhaps out of boredom) granted the man a one minute audience.

The man appeared before the King and said, "Your Majesty, I have been found guilty of a crime and the penalty is death.  I have a unique gift and my death would be a great loss to the world, so I ask you to spare me."

"What is this gift?", asked the King.

"I am the only person in the Kingdom, perhaps the whole world, that can teach horses to sing."

The King laughed.  "And, for this outrageous claim, I should let you go?" he asked.

"It is not outrageous," replied the man, "it takes time, a lot of patience and the gift that only I possess, but I can teach your horse to sing."

"Very well," said the King, "you shall have a year.  You will be taken each day from prison to the Royal Stables.  If you can teach my horse to sing I will spare you.  If I find that you have lied to me you will be tortured before you die.  Now, take him away."

As the man was being led away the jailer asked him, "What was the point of that?  In a year you will be dead and now you will have to suffer first.  You will not escape."

"You may be right", replied the man, "but I have bought time."  I now have a whole year and in that time a great deal may happen.  The King may die, his horse may die or, who knows, the horse may even learn to sing".

Late Note: I did manage to find these - see links below.  Having said that, I still prefer my own version for one simple reason... all the others conclude with the words "... I may die..." - which, to my mind, is NOT the proper outlook for a true optimist.  I guess we're all different but for me that's the most important point in the story.  Note that being an optimist does NOT include belief in impossibles such as "Wayman might get an attack of honesty", "the Law Society might actually do it's job as a regulator" etc.  These are just fantasy.


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Sound the trumpets !!!! Update June 2008

See above... I said "Note that being an optimist does NOT include belief in impossibles such as "Wayman might get an attack of honesty", "the Law Society might actually do it's job as a regulator" etc.  These are just fantasy."  How wrong I was...

On 7th March 2008 Patricia Wayman appeared as a witness in the Bath County Court (before D J R James, the Regional Costs Judge).  She finally admitted to "muddle headed thinking", "that she would not have charged her Client more" and that "she should not have signed the bill".

Given that signing the bill (in the circumstances) was described by one Lord Justice as "a most serious disciplinary offence" - was she mad?  Did she really learn to sing?

Well, not exactly... the lying Wayman was (you choose) 1. Ousted by her partners? or 2.  Retired? over a year ago.  This means that she is almost certainly beyond the reach of the SDT and "serious Disciplinary Offence" probably doesn't bother her a bit now... so "singing" is very limited in her case.

So... what of D J R James, Regional Costs Judge?  He's been sitting on his judgement ever since.  I think the pressure is on for him to ignore the evidence AND the solicitors own admission of guilt and (somehow) try and conclude that the Indemnity Principle wasn't broken ... a very tall order indeed.  Of course, if he DOES, against all the evidence, against all reason... well, there's always appeal... ultimately there is the Court of Appeal - far more public, far less open to corruption than behind-closed-doors... we'll just have to wait and see...

If the worst happens (willing blindness and oath breaking) ... this page is ready in the wings and I will have no compunction about publishing the whole judgement - Article 6 of the Human Rights Act permits me, I believe.

So... I MAY be waiting for the Horse to sing properly or for a different horse to sing.

Keep smiling :-) the impossible DOES sometimes happen - here.

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