The Darker Side to British "Justice"?

The most visited page on this web site is the Leigh Page.  It seems the public are very keen to hear how the "big judgements", from the Court of Appeal, are applied in the "lesser" family Courts.  Another one I think will prove popular (because it related to Law) is the "Set Aside Page" which deals with CPR 3.1(7)

There is a Judge in all of us.  These are the Facts - YOU judge.

GOYA's Capriccios - change of century, change of country (Yeah, but the dream was just the same)

Note: There can be no doubt that "the profession" shares notes about judges - why shouldn't the public?  Any Litigants in Person out there in the BATH or BRISTOL, BIRMINGHAM or ALDERSHOT areas?  Would you like an honest opinion based on experience?  It might help you.  Drop me a line.

I have information on:

District Judge Rutherford (Bath) (Many Hearings & Orders | Mixed)

Deputy District Judge Goddard (Bath) (One Hearing + Orders | Good)

District Judge Brookes (South Eastern Circuit?) (One Hearing + Order | Truly Appalling)

Deputy District Judge Wilkinson (Bath) (One Hearing + Order | Poor)

District Judge James (Aldershot and Farnham) - Regional Costs Judge (2/3 Hearings, Many Orders | Mixed)

His Honour Judge Barclay (Bristol) (Two Hearings + Orders | Excellent)

Her Honour Judge Deeley (Birmingham) (One Hearing + Orders | Good)

His Honour Judge Cardinal (Birmingham) (One Hearing + Orders | Appalling)


Some judges are criminals (article by a fellow Canadian) ...  the problem is world-wide.

Many, MANY more solicitors are criminals - as reported in the UK news.


More to follow... coming soon... links to their own law firms... possibly organised as a little quiz... please check back soon... 


Whatever you do, I wish you the best of luck unless, of course, you are a mal-practicing solicitor, costs draughtsman, legal executive or bent judge.  If you ARE then go to hell!

Whatever ELSE you do... I suggest you avoid FDC Law like the plague.

ANY bill from this firm should be subjected to the closest scrutiny - check out the Elaine Pitman Page.  

New! Nigel Douglas Long, The Boulevard, Weston-Super-Mare - AVOID at ALL costs - click here.  Why would ANY competent and honest law firm want to employ such?  Come to that, why would any "competent and honest" law firm NEED a witness to deliberately mislead the Court?  New!


Footnote to the footnote: It looks like a couple of the above links are broken already.  My guess is that Rick is currently reorganising his Name and Shame website - - you can, of course go there directly yourself and search... or use this or this or this <--- those are mine... this one ISN'T - so it's not JUST me :-)